Treasures of the Loeb Music Library

In 2016, the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library at Harvard celebrated its 60th anniversary with "Treasures of the Last Ten Years," a cross-section of its new acquisitions over the previous decade. The 19 items on display in the Richard F. French Gallery were a testament to the Music Library's scope, evolution, and diversity in terms of genre, period, identity, geography, and more. 

This site adapts "Treasures of the Last Ten Years" to serve as an introduction to the Music Library's rich holdings. From this page, you can view a gallery of all the exhibition's items, travel to the introductory message for the original 2016 exhibition, and explore the four pages that make up the digital exhibition.

With the exhibition pages' groupings, we've suggested one possible flow between the treasures. But there are so many more routes and overlaps to uncover. The menu at the left of the website allows you to:

  • access the exhibition pages
  • browse items individually, sort them by a variety of descriptive tags, or search for your own terms
  • view collections of items based on their genre, and
  • view a world map tracing all of the objects' origins.

We hope that, through audiovisually expanding the stories behind the items and pointing toward further resources for research and exploration, "Treasures of the Loeb Music Library" will lead visitors to engage with music history in new and exciting ways, and to discover unexpected connections across its landscape.

Treasures at a Glance

Click any of the images above to view the item's record.

Treasures of the Loeb Music Library